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Some of life’s most delightful occasions are remarkably ordinary: A visitor at the door. A favorite movie on TV. A friend calling "just because." Celebrate does not miss a beat. With a playlist of features that keeps sounds clear and natural, this family of instruments reminds patients that regular moments can be really special. Watch the short video to get a clear picture of what we offer.



Behind-The-Ear(BTE) hearing aids are housed in a curved case that fits neatly and comfortably behind or over your ear. A custom ear mold can be made to the exact shape of your ear, or you can use a standard dome. A hollow tube is used to direct the sound from the hearing aid into your ear and to secure the hearing aid in place.


Completely-in-the-canal(CIC) and In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids are custom designed. They fit the deepest into the ear canal, so they are the least visible and most cosmetically appealing. All of the components are housed within a single plastic shell. They have no external wires or tubes, and are very light in weight.

Receiver in The Ear

Open fit hearing aids are similar in style to BTE aids in that a shell sits above your ear. However in this case, instead of a tube there is actual wiring which travels into your ear canal. Inside the ear is a receiver (RITE- Receiver in the Ear) which further ampliifies the sound closest to the eardrum. This is a much newer technology - the shell above the ear is much smaller and the whole aid is lighter. The earpiece of an open fit hearing aid is a small, soft rubber cap.

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