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Some of Our Services

All of us at Scott's Alamo Hearing Aid Center are dedicated to your satisfaction; and we will work with you to fulfill your hearing aid needs in the most economical manner possible.
The prices of hearing aids can vary greatly depending on the extent of your hearing loss and the technology required to correct your hearing satisfactorily.
We will work with your insurance provider to asquire for you the best device at the best price. Currently, under the Medicaid Program, you may qualify for a hearing aid at no cost to you. Be sure to present your Medicaid card at time of testing.

Also, Federal Employees (Civil Service Employees) with Blue Cross/Blue Shield may also qualify for a NO COST hearing aid. We also offer convenient interest free Monthly Payment Plans for qualified clients with Wells Fargo HealthCare. Check with us for details.

Comprehensive evaluation of your hearing needs with state-of-the-art equipment.
Free lifetime adjustments
Honest, realistic answers to your hearing concerns. Respect for your right to choose.
Models from behind the ear to completely In-Canal.
A wide selection of devices, from simple to advanced.
Complete testing, evaluation, fitting and consultation.

Remember We offer a Free Hearing Evaluation

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