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We are a family owned busines. We have been in the Hearing Aid business for over 40 years. We proudly support the areas we serve in many Civic activities.
Scotts Alamo Hearing Aid is proud of its personnel. Below is a short biography of our key personnel.
Thourough testing and diagnosis is your guarantee of the very best in service.
company, Insurance and State Licensing Information is furnished upon request.

Greg Scott

Greg Scott's thirty yeas experience and expertise asssures his clients the correct hearing aid
for the specific condition.
Greg travels to several Central Texas areas and works with Physicians in Llano, Lampassas,
Burnet and Marble Falls.
Greg holds regularly scheduled Hearing Clinics at Nursing Homes, Doctors Office's and
Community Centers in these locations.
Greg has the certification of Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS). Greg maintains regular continuing
education programs to keep up with the ever changing Hearing Aid technologies.
Greg is shown here with his pet Chihuaua, Amorcita.
Come by any of our offices when Greg is there and say hello to her. In fact, bring a doggy treat and she will
give you a free pack of hearing aid batteries.

Kingsbury Scott

Kingsbury Scott is Greg's Father. He has over forty-two years in the hearing
aid business. Greg started working in the Audiology field as an apprentice for his Dad over 30 years ago.
He is still available for consultation. His extensive knowledge can prove to be invaluable in tough cases.

Jo Lynne Melton-Scott

Jo Lynne Melton-Scott provides customer outreach services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Gina Shaw

Gina is the Office Administrator for the Burnet office. When you call or come by, she will be the first person you meet.
Gina brings several years of expertise to this position, and is a long time member of the Burnet community.
Gina is currently enrolled in a continuing education program to achieve her HIS certification.

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