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At Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers, we believe in providing quality and affordable hearing aids to everyone. We are a private practice dedicated to helping everyone experience better hearing regardless of their budget. Our owner, Greg Scott, believes in a no pressure approach. Our offices are friendly and easy-going, so you’ll never feel pressured to make a purchase.

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Welcome to Scott's Alamo Hearing Aid Centers

We've been restoring the richness of sound for our patients for over 40 years. At Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers, we combine compassionate care with our expert knowledge of hearing aid technology to help our patients improve their hearing and quality of life. We find it incredibly rewarding to help our patients reconnect with their world through the sense of hearing.

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What Makes Us Different

Greg Scott

Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers is an independent hearing aid practice. Because we aren’t owned by a larger corporation, we are able to spend more time with our patients and listen to your individual needs. We are a family practice here to serve the needs of the Burnett and Lampasas communities. Our philosophy is to treat our patients like family. We have established trust with our patients because we always treat them with respect and are always honest with them.

Unlike big-box stores and large corporations, we do what we believe is best for our patients. We don’t have to meet a sales quota or sell the most expensive hearing aids on the market. Instead, we help our patients manage their hearing loss and assist them by finding the perfect hearing aid that will address their hearing needs and will match their budget. Because we are independently owned we are also able to work with multiple manufacturers.

We can sell hearing aids from any manufacturer we want to, resulting in us being able to better assist you with your hearing needs.

Your First Appointment

Front office of Scott's Alamo Hearing Aid Centers

Our office is warm and inviting. Our patients feel relaxed in our laid back atmosphere. We believe in treating our patients like family, that’s why we make sure our office is comfortable and welcoming so they can feel at ease during their appointments. When you come in for your first appointment at Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly staff. We will gladly answer any of your questions and go over what you can expect from the hearing test and from hearing aids. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment so you have a familiar voice and can receive help answering any questions and taking in information.

  1. At your first appointment we will go over your patient intake form with you and get to know more about you. We will have a conversation about your medical history, what types of sounds you’re having trouble hearing, and what your expectations are from the appointment.
  2. After a discussion to get to know you then we will begin the hearing test. First we will look in your ears for any obstructions, such as earwax blockage or an ear infection.
  3. Then we will test your hearing using air and bone conduction testing, speech testing, distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing, auditory brainstem response testing, and acoustic immittance testing.
  4. Once we’ve completed your hearing test then we will go over your results and explain your hearing loss so it’s easy to understand. Once we’ve gone over your type and degree of hearing loss, then we will discuss your options for treatment and the different types of hearing aids we would recommend.
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