Frequently Asked Questions

Education For You

We want our patients to feel educated about their hearing loss and their hearing aid options. We understand that it can be scary to lose your hearing, that’s why we want to educate you on how to treat your hearing loss so you can enjoy the sounds of life again. Below we’ve gathered some common questions our patients ask us.

Hearing FAQs

When you receive your new hearing aids it is important to go slow and to have reasonable expectations. Your hearing is one of your senses and you’ll have to relearn that sense again. If you haven’t heard certain sounds in a long time then your brain has to adjust to hearing those sounds again. Remember to be patient and to come in regularly for check-up appointments.
After your initial hearing aid fitting, we typically like to see patients in two weeks. But, if you need to see us sooner you are more than welcome to. After your two week check-up then we like to see you every month for three months just to make sure the adjustment period is going smoothly. After that we recommend coming in once every two months so we can ensure your hearing aids are working properly for you. We never charge for these visits because we want our patients to feel comfortable coming in and seeing us.
Today’s hearing aids are very discreet. They now have a sleek design and are nearly invisible, so the person you’re talking to won’t even notice you’re wearing them. Hearing aids are no longer big or bulky and they offer a wide range of designs for you to choose from in order to match your personal preferences.
Although hearing aids won’t restore your hearing back to the way it was before you had hearing loss, they will significantly improve your ability to hear. Hearing aids can provide sound clarity and can help block out background noise. Hearing aids will allow you to hear sounds that you haven’t heard in years and improve the lives of many people who wear them.
When you go to a big-box store such as Costco, you are not getting the same treatment and care that you would receive at a private hearing practice. Even though the low cost of Costco hearing aids may be appealing, they aren’t the same devices that we sell. You also won’t have someone test your hearing or fit/program your hearing aids to your specific hearing loss. At Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers, we offer competitive pricing on our hearing aids so they are affordable. We will also treat you with compassion and help to determine where your hearing loss originated from as well as how to properly treat it.
At Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers, we work with all the major insurance providers and offer financing plans. We want everyone to experience better hearing, that’s why we will work with anyone regardless of their budget. We aren’t in this business to make a profit, we just genuinely enjoy helping the people in our community with their hearing health.
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