Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids at Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers

Our expert staff is trained in the fitting and programming of hearing aids. We are knowledgeable about the different types of hearing aids as well as their various levels of technologies they are available in. Because we are a private practice, we are able to work with any hearing aid manufacturer we want to. We aren’t committed to one manufacturer, making it easier for us to better fit you with the right hearing aids for your individual hearing needs. At Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Centers, we want to help you experience better hearing through hearing aids.

Hearing aids at Scott's Alamo Hearing Aid Centers

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

Hearing aid fitting

It is important to choose the right hearing aids in order to effectively treat hearing loss. Each patient is different, so their hearing needs are different as well. We always go over different options for hearing aids and make a recommendation based on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. We will never pressure you to purchase a hearing aid you don’t like or can’t afford. There are various levels of hearing aid technology today, some feature Bluetooth connectivity and connect directly to your smartphone, TV, or other device. While some hearing aids are now rechargeable so you don’t have to change the batteries. Depending on your lifestyle and how comfortable you are with technology, we will make a suggestion on the hearing aids we believe will best suite you and your unique lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Our independent practice allows us to work with the major hearing aid manufacturers when we want to. Some hearing aids fit better for certain patients while some manufacturers offer better pricing for people. Who we work with is dependent on our patients and what they need most out of hearing aids. We work with the leading manufacturers including Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex. The advantage of working with all the manufacturers is that we can find a hearing aid for everyone. We will never turn anyone away if they are looking for a certain brand, we have the flexibility and freedom to help them.

Types of Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids are technologically advanced and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are many hearing aid styles so patients can feel comfortable choosing one that matches their personal preferences and is nearly invisible. There are many types and styles of hearing aids.

BTE hearing aid

Behind-the-ear (BTE): BTE hearing aids sit behind or on top of the outer ear with a tube connecting to an ear tip or mold inside the ear canal. BTE’s offer the widest range of features, colors, sizes, battery types, and degrees of power.

  • Mini BTE
  • Receiver-in-the-canal (RITE)
  • BTE with Ear mold

  • ITE hearing aid

    In-the-ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are worn in the ear and are custom-fit based on an impression of the ear. There are a variety of ITE styles available.

  • Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC)
  • Custom-in-the-canal (CIC)
  • In-the-canal (ITC) or Half Shell
  • In-the-ear (ITE) or Full Shell
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